Strike Daily Flyer


Strike daily. Overthrow oligarchy - oil, media, banking, weaponry. In the face of impending nuclear, ecological, and economic annihilation. Reclaim democratic sovereignty. Through Citizens’ Assemblies. Creating rules without rulers. For peace, justice, sustainability, and shared prosperity. 11 am. Local time. Globally. In front of your home. At work. In school. For one potent minute. Stand in silent solemnity. As we begin to sense our collective power, we’ll escalate our action in scope and intensity. So please, join us. Join me. You are far more powerful than you realise. You are the remedy. #StrikeDaily #OverthrowOligarchy

Once 3.5% of the population is striking nationally we’ll call a General Strike & targeted Mass Civil Disobedience to force all nations to implement our demands. 1. Global and National Citizens’ Assemblies (CAs) including CAs for Peace between warring nations, Ukraine & Russia, Palestine & Israel etc. 2. National ‘preferendum’ (non-binary, non-divisive referendum) votes on CAs’ proposals. 3. Quantitative Easing for Democracy (#QE4D). National banks fund a Universal Basic Income paid to each citizen for a four-day working week with one day a month spent learning political literacy.