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Massive respect for signing the Earth Citizens’ Accountability Agreement:

  • I will be proactive to find common ground with people who I would normally find myself opposed to with regard to race, ethnicity, culture, religion, politics, worldview, and values.
  • I will seek to find common ground with others by ascertaining their basic needs, and highest aspirations and by finding ways to provide for them. I will share my basic values – what’s important to me, how I want the world to be and how I want to live my life.
  • I will not use hate speech (as defined by the accepted International legal definition) nor attempt to dehumanise or scapegoat others. 
  • As part of a diverse human family, I will assume democratic power, and responsibility for peace, justice, equality, sustainability, and prosperity.
  • I will not be a bystander. I will not free-ride by allowing others to take action on my behalf to tackle threats to all life on earth.
  • I will proactively take steps to ensure that all other humans also have access to democratic power, and the ability to exercise their natural rights to peace, justice, equality, sustainability, prosperity, dignity, and self-actualisation
  •  I will proactively explore ways of working together more collaboratively to address core problems that threaten all life on earth and encourage organisations I am involved in to become more participatory.
  • I commit to decommissioning International Divide-and-Rule through local-to-global cooperative action and solidarity. 

“Earth” in Earth Citizen is about connection to physical place, to community, to home. It’s about belonging, whilst simultaneously belonging to the whole living planet. It is not associated with nor affiliated to any global government or global jurisdiction campaigns. We oppose such initiatives.

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