Pause for Peace details, instructions and FAQ (below)

“It is essential to build momentum through a sequence of tactics that increasingly build pressure on people that uphold the status quo whilst protecting the participants as much as possible. This often means starting from safer actions that bring in more and more supporters and then escalating the action once large and diverse constituencies have become involved. That approach makes movements more resilient in the face of government repression while consistently disrupting the opponent's rule.” - Dr. Erica Chenoweth Civil Resistance

The world is teetering on the edge of WW3 due to the horror taking place in the Middle East and Ukraine. As a result, climate breakdown is being both ignored and massively exacerbated. The potential for our annihilation is more real than we dare to admit.  

But what can you and I do about it? How, simply, safely and swiftly can people everywhere drive ”world leaders” and extremist governments to put an end to their conflicts? How can we force all nations to cooperate to tackle threats to all life on earth? What can we do to evidence to each other and the world that we care about each other, that we won’t take any more insane killing, corruption and criminal inaction any more?  

Strategy 1. Non-violent Direct Action (NVDA)

We can do nothing, together, for 1 minute every day. 

Pause for Peace, daily. 11am local time, globally. Stop. Outside your home. At work. In school. For one potent minute, stand in silent solemnity. 


  1. Ceasefire NOW (Hostages released by Hamas and Israel)
  2. Citizens’ Peace Assemblies (CPAs) between warring nations, not high-level “peace talks”
  3. National Preferenda votes on CPA’s Peace Proposals

If our demands are not met then, when we begin to sense our collective power, with safety and strength in numbers (3.5% of the population in one nation is critical mass), we’ll escalate our action in scope and intensity until each and every government acts accordingly.

We can target and shut-down the corrupt systems of power through NVDA and we can also call for a national and global General Strike.

In defiance of those who use division as a weapon, in recognition of our unity in diversity, our love of life and our shared humanity we will assume local to global responsibility. So please, join us. Join me. You are far more powerful than you realise. You are the remedy!   

Pause for Peace instructions

Bold: It can feel awkward and slightly intimidating taking a stand, even by doing nothing in public for one minute. People will stare. Breathe into it. How does it feel to take a minute out of life? Think of all the people suffering at the hands of war mongers around the world. You are a pioneer. People will join you and you will be part of history.   

Communal: Film or photograph and share your Pause for Peace on social media to create a storm. #PauseForPeace daily. 11am globally. Find others who are pausing too and make friends with them. 

Accelerating: SET YOUR ALARM FOR 10.55AM EVERY DAY. Pausing daily will build the unstoppable momentum necessary to achieve our demands or to overthrow those who deny us our right to life.

Ingenious: Create a ‘Pause for Peace placard to hold up. Add to it how you wish. Be your own creative genius.     

Systemic: Tell the world why you want to live in a world where solutions to threats to all life on earth are decided by we-the-people, not by those who, without conflict, become irrelevant.

Enigmatic: Silent action is hard to stereotype and be dismissed by the media. This helps build a broad-based movement capable of gaining defections from the pillars of support of corrupt political-economic-military systems.

Cosmopolitan: Become an Earth Citizen and sign our Accountability Agreement - to attempt to find common ground with those whom you might normally disagree with or be in conflict with.

Strategy 2: Fund a Citizens Peace Assembly ourselves (Prefigurative politics) 

We don’t need to wait or ask permission to transform our world. Let’s start funding Citizens’ Peace Assemblies ourselves. By doing so will bypass corrupt political "leaders" and their useless "peace talks" thus tackling the systemic root cause of conflict. 


Global People Power’s Strategy 2023-25

We are not cynically using the tragedy taking place in Palestine and Israel to forward a political agenda. The conflict taking place is part of a wider problem which we aim to tackle, namely the systemic corruption of national governments, a lack of local to global democratic participation and the weaponisation of division as a tool of oligarchs and corrupt leaders to maintain and expand their power and influence.   

Global People Power Strategy 1 Pager

Global People Power Strategy 2023-25 Long