Pause for Peace (Majority World-led meta-movement call)

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Dear local-to-global activists, campaigners and justice organisations. (Open call to action letter). 

I invite you to read the strategy outline below and reply with feedback.

There is no time! Global People Power (UK) are calling for a Majority World-led local-to-global meta-movement unifying behind one Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) strategy working with and complimentary to all others. 

Pause for Peace (Call for a Majority World-led meta-movement)

End genocide. End ecocide. Overthrow oligarchy by upgrading democracy. 

A revolution against annihilation through local-to-global cooperative and participative systems change driven by a safe but escalatory Non-Violent Direct Action strategy. 

We are stronger together – none more so than those working on the front line to tackle interrelated threats of war, climate and ecological breakdown, inequality and authoritarianism. But are we hypocrites? We compete with each other by calling on humanity to mobilise and work together behind our causes but why aren’t we working together more powerfully and systemically ourselves with a greater sense of urgency and with so much more ambition? 

We believe there is now sufficient consensus between us on the sort of local-to-global participative and cooperative future we want and need, but that the right battlefront must be chosen to make it happen. One which tackles the systemic root causes of the broadest range of issues with the most narrow of wicked focuses. 

We also seem to agree that “International Divide-and-Rule” (IDR), pitting humanity and nations against each other is the weapon of choice of elites on all sides to maintain and expand their power – the conflicts between the most powerful political “world leaders” and their oil, media, weapons and banking billionaire oligarch backers on one side and the more overtly authoritarian leaders on the other – both of whom need each other to remain relevant. Global grassroots cooperative action is, therefore, the logical solution and it starts with us. 

The most overt form of IDR is war. The war in Ukraine and the genocide happening in Gaza are its epicentres driving myriad other crises making people’s lives harder still everywhere, edging us over the precipice of WW3, ecological and social collapse whilst the ultra-rich double their riches and the far-right globalise. 

The same tried and tested solutions apply to war as they do to all man-made threats to all life on Earth. Take targeted NVDA to demand an immediate end to the violence (against people and nature), end the corruption or overthrow the corrupt and redistribute the power. To this effect, we propose bypassing corrupt “world leaders” and authoritarian groups and their high-level “peace talks,” replacing them with Citizens Peace Assemblies. Then convene non-binary Preferendum votes to let people decide democratically on the CPA’s proposals. 

This is, we propose, how we can end the horror and genocide, provide positive long-term solutions, kick start a participative, cooperative democratic revolution, overthrow oligarchy and win, and fast. But how do we drive it to happen? 

The good news is that most of humanity wants an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and strong climate action. 

Civil Disobedience science recommends we start with simple, as safe as possible, communal, non-alienating and movement-building daily actions from which to build momentum from the broadest value-set base. We need a tried and tested visual, face-to-face uplifting action which brings everyday busy working people, parents, nurses, teachers, drivers together to evidence to each other and to the world that we care about each other, and that we won’t take any more insane killing, corruption and criminal inaction any more (like a Clap for Carers but in silence to be much harder typecast, dismiss and divide – see Smart Repression). Only when we realise our collective power, and have strength in numbers (3.5% in each nation) do we escalate our action in scope and intensity in the form of mass targeted disruption and strikes to force through our demands. We can take this action alongside supporting others able to take more immediate risky yet also successful NVD actions and others using change channels conforming to existing norms. 

We do this whilst simultaneously building community groups (prefigurative politics) to consolidate our efforts for long-term systemic change and a paradigm shift. We can begin raising funds to convene CPAs immediately ourselves without permission.  

Our Pause for Peace Demands:

  1. Ceasefire NOW (Hostages released by Hamas and Israel)
  2. Citizens’ Peace Assemblies (CPAs) between warring nations, alongside high-level “peace talks”
  3. National Preferenda votes on CPA’s Peace Proposals

Barnaby, Global People Power’s founder, and a few others have been holding a two-minute Pause for Peace daily for one year. Will it catch on? Not without existing activists experimenting with it for six months. It’s innocuous. Not as risque (initially at least) as many activists might value but, according to NVDA researchers it’s the type of action needed to encourage millions of others to join us if enough of us activists can get strategic about it first. If we start today, maybe we can get mass participation in the stands at the Olympics to Pause for Peace! What are your thoughts? I welcome feedback.

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