Owen Jones’ Global Democratic Revolution

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This week I finally finished Owen Jones’ book The Establishment. It’s not exactly bedtime reading. I don’t find notions of indignation and insurrection very soporific so I had the last few chapters read to me on Amazon Audible (Oh the ethical tax-avoiding paradox Owen) whilst doing mundane chores. Here is an extract from the final chapter titled “Democratic Revolution.”

3959063_orig“Those wanting an alternative to Britain’s current establishment must have an equally internationalist perspective. There is a common cause to be made. Social media provides fresh opportunities for new movements to link together. So far they have failed to do so in a coherent way. They have to do so, and to start organising around similar demands, because like Britain they will find it impossible to change their country alone.”

So the Real Global Democracy Demonstration is nearly upon us. (See you on the grass). Every day it seems more screamingly obvious that demonstrators will be totally on-point by kick-starting action to unite and to empower progressive movements around the world to tackle global threats and the power that multi-national corporations hold over national governments. Facebook event link.

Saturday. Parliament Sq. 1-6pm


  • 13.00 – Barnaby Flynn.  (Global People Power). Introductions. Safety. Process. Thinking tools. “Real Global Democracy. What? How? Why?”
  • 13.30 – Dr Marina Prentoulis. (Syriza London, University UEA) “Global unity for systemic solutions to systemic problems.”
  • 14.10 – Stan Jourdan (Positive Money) Proposal: International Monetary Reform.
  • 14.50 – Aisha Hannibal – 50-50 Parliament. Proposal: 50-50 Gender Equity Global Declaration
  • 15.30 – Break
  • 15.50 – Luke Flegg (Change the Future) “The e-Democracy Revolution.”
  • 16.30 – Prisca Merz (End Ecocide) Proposal: End Ecocide.
  • 17.10 – Natalie Bennett (Green Party Leader) “TPP, TTIP and why global governance should be democratised.”
  • 17.50 – General discussion. Next global steps?
  • 18.00 – Close.

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