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    Nesi Forum

    New global economy and social inovation.

    • Democracy Earth 

      Governance in a Post Nation-State world. For everyone, anywhere.

      •  Global Week of Action for a World Parliament 2016
        If you feel that our current political system is inadequate to deal with growing global challenges, you are not alone! Join our week of action on October 15-25 to call for the establishment of a World Parliament that will give real representation to all citizens

      • Global Democracy Manifesto
        Politics lags behind the facts. We live in an era of deep technological and economic change that has not been matched by a similar development of public institutions responsible for its regulation. The economy has been globalized but political institutions and democracy have not kept pace. In spite of their many peculiarities, differences and limitations, the protests that are growing all over the world show an increasing discontent with the decision-making system, the existing forms of political representation and their lack of capacity for defending common goods. They express a demand for more and better democracy.
      •  Globe. (Global Collaboration Engine)
        Globe is an online collaborative environment that enables land change researchers to share, compare and integrate local and regional studies with global data to assess the global relevance of their work.
      • Global Policy
        Global Policy is an innovative and interdisciplinary journal bringing together world class academics and leading practitioners to analyse both public and private solutions to global problems and issues
      • Earth Day
        Earth Day Network’s year-round mission is to broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement worldwide, through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns.