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One Heart is about understanding each other as we tackle global problems together. Working together can be rewarding but also challenging. On your profile, share what’s important to you, what you want and need for yourself and the wider world. This will help other people to understand you better, and vice versa. 

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We want to make debate less adversarial and more collaborative. Use Systemoji and Empathemoji thinking-tools on your forum posts to help you connect with more deeply with other Earth-Citizens, people who may not share your values, people who might have different needs to you. If we are going to work together for our long-term mutual benefit we will need to find new ways to communicate to help us see the world from each other’s perspective – in order to honour and celebrate our differences.

There is far more that connects us than divides us.

Use the One Heart social network forum to express what is important to you, your values.

So often we are given a single story about people from other nations, cultures or religions and it is this which makes it easy for us de-humanise each other. Let’s deepen our connections instead.

One Heart also helps you to realise how the world is now highly interconnected. We are, all of us accountable to each other. Who makes your trainers? Who mines the minerals that go in your mobile phone? There are few isolated places in the world that use 100% locally sourced products.

We hope that by sharing values, Earth-Citizens like you will be encouraged to consider the sort of world they are for, not just what they are against. We want Earth-Citizens to discover values that they have in common and also to honour values which they may not have in common.

It is our day-to-day needs which direct our values (what is important to us) and influence our world views (how we see the world). People’s different needs and values might include: to be nourished and have access to clean air and water, to feel safe and to keep our families safe, to be loved and to be treated with respect, to follow our religion or belief, to be economically secure and to be recognised as successful, to learn, to progress, to pursue happiness and to make our community, our nation and the whole world a better place.

The best way to be understood is to try to understand others first. Through the One Heart social network we hope to create a world where more immediate and localised needs and values are shared, understood and included within a system designed for the benefit of the whole of humanity and the planet. Just as nations attempt to include the different needs of all its citizens, we will do the same at the global level. One Heart will facilitate this process so that people from all corners of the globe can participate as empowered Earth-Citizens.

Does meditation increase empathy?

Why not try it out for yourself? The first meditation is to get you in the mood. The second, to get you to consider the whole world.