What Is One Action?

Part 1. Demonstrations. Global People Power is less about what we are against and more about what we are for. Pioneers around the world are therefore taking to the streets to demonstrate the Many Minds process of creating The Big 15. More proactive rallies than protests, they are demonstrations of open and participatory global democracy. They are being held on the first Saturday of every month in your town. Everyone is invited. One Action demonstrations will be connected through live feeds and will be a celebration of our individuality, culture and our common humanity. Bring food, music, art and your big ideas.

Part 2. Voting Pledge. By coordinating our voting power, Pioneers pledge that if we vote, or if we are able to vote, we will vote only for other Pioneers. We are therefore advising our local and national political representatives of this matter and are recruiting them as Pioneers too.

All active Pioneers, especially politicians, sign an “Accountability Agreement” to: A. Act on The Big 15 cooperatively alongside other governments. B. To challenge the status quo of “destructive competition between nations” and to cooperate internationally instead. C. To challenge the power that multi-national corporations exert over national and local governments. D. To uphold the Global People Power Constitution. E. to promote Global People Power.

Multi-national corporations hold enormous power and influence over national governments no matter which political party gets in power. Very few governments have resisted them[i]. In most nations therefore, people see little material difference between the main political parties and as a result, elections are being won by tiny majorities.

Due to increasingly narrow voting margins at elections, the One Action voting pledge is an immensely powerful tool to use the system to change the system, to use the intense political competition for our votes to create a framework of global cooperation.

[i] Thorleifdottir, Thorhilur.  Open Democracy. 13/11/2012. From the people to the people.