Politician Pioneer’s Accountability Agreement

I am reclaiming my democratic sovereignty in a globalised world.

As a Global People Power World-Citizen I will be voting in national elections for politicians who become active members of our democratic movement. Alongside other World Citizens I am taking part to suggest, debate, vote, or delegate votes on the global policies which you (if elected) will implement alongside other governments. Our democratic platform is Democracy Earth’s blockchained app, Sovereign.

As our movement grows, politicians and political parties joining us will have a greater chance of winning elections. They will be evidencing that they have systemic democratic global solutions to systemic, global problems impacting voter’s daily lives. 
I would therefore like to invite you to sign Global People Power’s Accountability Contract. 
As a candidate for, or Member of the Parliament/Assembly, I agree that if elected, I will vote for the World-Citizen’s range of Global Policies* to be implemented alongside other governments. (Here forth the “Global People Power Accountability Contract”). I will also encourage members of my party to make the Global People Power Accountability Contract party policy.

*Global Policies will remain provisional until sufficient nations have agreed, via national referendum, to act on them cooperatively.

I hereby hold myself accountable to tackle the causes of global challenges by implementing World-Citizens’s Global Policies cooperatively alongside other governments. If I revoke my contract I will inform Global People Power, those whom I represent and whom I seek to represent.

I am signing Global People Power’s Accountability Contract as an individual, not on behalf of my party.

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