One Action

one-action_newPropel the world to cooperate.

(A) Demonstrate on the streets for global cooperative action on World Citizens’ global policies. (See below)

(B) Vote for politicians who become fellow World-Citizens – who have signed an Accountability Agreement to implement World Citizen’s global policies in cooperation with other governments. (See below)

Demonstrate Global People Power

  • Where? Your high street.
  • When? Monthly. 1st Saturday.
  • What? Demonstrate for global cooperation. Recruit new World-Citizens, including politicians. Teach others how to use the Democracy Earth’s app Sovereign. Debate global problems and solutions.
  • Bring food, music, art, individuality, culture, your humanity.
  • Use the One Action Forum to find your local group or contact us to set one up.

Vote Global People Power

  • Find out which politicians have become a World Citizens, and therefore whether to vote for them or not, by going to your One Action national forum. Or contact us to set one up.
  • Use politician contact apps (see UK example below) to recruit politicians as fellow World-Citizens.
  • Take a few minutes to personalise the letter (below) and send it to them.
Example of a contact app (UK):

Who Can I Vote For?

Message to politicians
(IMPORTANT. Please personalise your message a little.)
Subject heading. If you act globally, I’ll vote accordingly

Download the form as Word DOC