One Action

one-action_newPropel the world to cooperate.

(A) Demonstrate on the streets for global cooperative action to tackle global challenges. (See below)

(B) Prioritise your vote for politicians, then political parties who join our movement. Vote for politicians who become World-Citizens and sign our Accountability Agreement to cooperate globally to tackle global challenges. (See below)

Demonstrate Global People Power

  • Where? Your high street.
  • When? Monthly. 1st Saturday.
  • What? Demonstrate for global cooperation. Recruit new World-Citizens, including politicians. Teach others how to use the Democracy Earth’s app Sovereign. Debate global problems and solutions.
  • Bring food, music, art, individuality, culture, your humanity.
  • Use the One Action Forum to find your local group or contact us to set one up.

Vote Global People Power

  • Using the system to change the system by compelling politicians to cooperate globally.
  • Do this by telling them that you will be prioritising your vote for politicians who become World-Citizens by signing the Accountability Contract to cooperate globally.
  • Find out who has signed up and who to vote for on your One Action national forum or contact us to set one up.
  • Use the contact app (below) to recruit politicians as World-Citizens.
  • Take a few minutes to personalise the letter (below) and send it to them.
UK example of a contact app:

Who Can I Vote For?

For Non-UK Pioneers use the One Action Forum to discuss how to:
  • Find your national and local One Action forum or contact us to set one up.
  • Find or create politician contact apps.
  • Find out which politicians are cooperating globally.

Message to politicians
(IMPORTANT. Please personalise your message a little.)
Subject heading. If you act globally, I’ll vote accordingly

Download the form as Word DOC