Potential Global Policies

Below is a list of potential global policies which could make the world a better, safer place to live for everyone. As you can see, solutions to many of humanity’s greatest problems already exist. What doesn’t exist, yet, is the global democratic and cooperative framework to implement them.

At the bottom of the page is a list of international agreements and systems negotiated behind closed doors and which subvert democratic sovereignty.

“Festival For Democracy's” global justice demands pegged on Runnymede Ankerwycke Yew Tree, birthplace of the Magna Carta
“Festival For Democracy’s” global justice demands pegged on Runnymede Ankerwycke Yew Tree, birthplace of the Magna Carta
Despite President Trump cancelling or threatening to cancel some of the trade deals listed below, it remains to be seen if they are scrapped fully or if any new deals will be any better or worse for voters seeking to “take back control.” Will they benefit humanity and the planet as a whole?
Gender Equity – in Global People Power’s process (Gender Equity)
a world without war (conflict)
Ban All Weapons of Mass Destruction (conflict)
Ban Profiteering from War (conflict)
Global refugee plan (human rights)
Global Monetary Reform (economics – to fund all other policy areas)
Universal Basic Income (Social Security)
Global Renewable Energy Grid, GREG (Climate Change, Energy)
Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth (human rights, environment, bio-diversity)

also known as

Contraction and Convergence (climate change)
climate fair shares (climate change)
Doughnut Economics (Economics, Sustainability, Justice)
Circular Economy (environment, climate change, business, economics,)
Ban All Tax Havens/Country By Country Tax Reporting (economics)
tax on financial speculation (economics)
Corporate Law Reform (economics, business)
The Alternative Trade Mandate (trade)


Land Rights Reform (justice, equality)
Communications Law (Media, propaganda, Freedom of Expression, Net-Neutrality)
The Whole World Online (internet access, education, net-neutrality, democracy)
International Artificial Intelligence Agency (Technology)
Universal Declaration of Human Rights  (Human Rights)
Universal/Global Health Care Fund (Health)
Proportional Representation (Democracy)
Global policies, agreements and systems which subvert democracy.