Many Minds

Many Minds - Global People PowerWhat could and should nations agree to act on together?

Quick intro. Let’s put our heads together to tackle global challenges. Let’s share our intelligence and participate in making decentralised decisions on economic, social, peace and environmental policies. Many Minds ensures that everyone can suggest, debate, vote or delegate votes on global policies. These policies are suggested by you and by other Earth Citizens.

Here’s a list of potential global policies. Global policies voted forward will be implemented by governments around the world in a cooperative way. Go to What is Many Minds to learn how they will be acted on globally.

Take three actions now:
1. Tell us about your idea* for a global policy so we can support you to make it successful. Get in touch.
2. Set up, or add to your One Heart profile reasons why this policy is important to you. This will help make debate more collaborative and less adversarial.
3. Share your global policy with other Earth Citizens using a revolutionary, peer-to-peer and decentralised platform (instructions below). This is built by the Democracy Earth Foundation and uses blockchain technology making it incorruptible and community owned. In your proposal and in comments on other global proposals, use #GlobalPeoplePower.

*To overcome unbalanced, male dominated power structures, if you identify as a man using the pronoun ‘he’ then, please encourage two people who identify as “she,” or who are non-binary, to propose policies. Use this invitation letter.

How to use Democracy Earth
1. Go to Democracy Earth, click sign-in, and follow the instructions to set up your MetaMask profile. This will show you how to get your free blockchain VOTE tokens.
2. Once you have your MetaMask account, activate your tokens. Now you can join discussions using Democracy Earth, propose your policy, vote or delegate votes on global policies.
3. In all your discussions use #GlobalPeoplePower.