Global Peace Strike

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Global Peace Strike

1-minute silence. 12 pm local time.

Weapons down. Peace up. Unify.

We will force:

  • A ceasefire in Ukraine. Russian troops go home.
  • Earth Citizens’ Rapid Response Assembly (ECRRA) to replace adversarial “peace talks”.
  • All geo-politically competing nations cooperate to implement ECRRA’s resolutions.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and with people everywhere, no matter what their skin colour, who are being murdered, starved, and brutalised by oppressive, corrupt, and authoritarian regimes.

We are not naïve. We do not expect our demands to be implemented. We know that concentrated power corrupts and this war will continue to escalate unless we act.

We will fund the ECCRA ourselves.

This is a movement-building exercise. Once thousands of us become millions, we will escalate our use of a Non-violent Direct Action to force all nations to cooperate.

We do not need permission to assume democratic power and responsibility for peace, justice, sustainability, and prosperity. Our so-called “world leaders” will continue to fail us until life on earth is wiped out.


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