Strike Daily – Overthrow Oligarchy (Strategy 1 pager)

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Strike daily. Overthrow oligarchy – oil, media, banking, weaponry. In the face of impending nuclear, ecological, and economic annihilation. Restore democratic sovereignty. Through citizens’ assemblies. For peace, justice, sustainability, and shared prosperity. 11 am. Local time. Globally. In front of your home. At work. In school. For one potent minute. Stand in silent solemnity. As we begin to sense our collective power. We will escalate our action in scope and intensity. So please, join us. Join me. You are far more powerful than you realise. You are the remedy. 

#StrikeDaily #OverthrowOligarchy 

Begins 01/11/2022. Once 3.5% of the population is striking, we’ll call a General Strike & targeted Mass Civil Disobedience to force each nation to implement our demands.

Our demands:

We don’t need to wait, nor ask permission to transform our world. Let’s start funding Citizens’ Assemblies and make corrupt political systems obsolete.

We are leaning over a precipice of annihilation because of the corrupting, divisive, and dictatorial power that oligarchs hold over all national governments and our lives. We call this phenomenon International Divide and Rule (IDR). Instead of taking responsibility to tackle global threats, nations focus their resources on competing with each other in a geopolitical race to destruction. This competition between nations is weaponised to maintain existing oligarchic power structures in the classic Machiavellian style.

Global People Power’s vision is for ‘Earth Citizens’ to assume democratic power and responsibility as a diverse human family united in tackling this systemic root cause of threats to all life on earth. We seek to establish Citizens’ Assemblies that create rules without rulers; global policies to solve global challenges such as war, climate, and ecological breakdown, and economic and social collapse. Earth Citizens take Non-Violent Direct Action to pressure all nations to fund and convene these assemblies, and to allow national citizens to vote on the implementation of the assemblies’ policies (immediately and unilaterally or synchronised and multilaterally) via national ‘preferenda’.

We are claiming our Earth Citizenship alongside our national citizenship because we, humanity, have a dual responsibility. Tackling problems at home means taking care of the whole world too. We are taking global responsibility because those who are meant to be, aren’t.

Together we can overcome archaic systems that are dividing us and killing us by creating new systems that enable us to unite and to thrive.  

(“Earth” in Earth Citizen is about connection to physical place, to community, to home. It’s about belonging, whilst simultaneously belonging to the whole living planet. It is not associated with any affiliation to a global government or global jurisdiction. We oppose such initiatives).   

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