We don’t need to wait, nor ask permission to transform our world. Let’s start funding Citizens’ Assemblies to make corrupt political systems obsolete. 

Photo by  jordi.martorell / “CC BY

How are we funded?

  • We rely on the generosity of forward-thinking individuals like you.
  • So that we are free from any undue influence or co-option, we do not accept donations from for-profit organisations.
  • We are registered as a not-for-profit company rather than a charity so that we can be politically active.

How will we utilise your money in 2024?

Many Minds

  • Fund Citizens’ Peace Assemblies between warring peoples.
  • Working with existing Citizens’ Assembly organisations to set up local, national and global Citizens’ Assemblies.

One Action

  • Organise Non-violent Direct Actions to drive all nations to cooperate to implement solutions proposed by Citizens Assemblies.
  • Developing voting apps in nations with upcoming national elections to enable Earth Citizens to force all candidates (unless they promote hate) to become fellow Earth Citizens by signing the Politician’s Earth Citizens Accountability Agreement.

One Heart

  • Setting up Earth Citizens’ Self-organising Local Groups uniting communities worldwide through sharing Many Minds, One Action, and One Heart best practices.