Planetary Experience

United we stand, divided we fall

In times of recession or conflict, rather than confidently taking power, people so often give it away. [i] It is given away not only to those who make assurances that they can better protect society (if only a little more power is given away of course), but to the same people who, more often than not presided over the systems which caused the problems in the first place[ii].

Furthermore, as global problems deepen and fear grows, it becomes easier for reactionary far right-wing parties to recruit members to follow their agenda. These parties promote less systemic, more simplistic, nationalistic and isolationist solutions. Just as Jewish people were blamed and killed for causing the bubonic plague in the 14th century, the use of scapegoats, of pointing the finger at people who are “other,” foreign immigrants and the poorest in society for the cause of a nation’s problems must be guarded against. Racist, sectarian sentiments of “us and them” are being expounded by people with power, to people who feel powerless. Instead, by looking at the bigger picture, we can see that in reality the problem is more abstract, it is international competition, unfettered globalisation and unregulated corporations that are the main cause of the austerity people are experiencing. The financial crash of 2008 was not caused by immigrants or by the poorest in society. It was caused by illegal banking activity.

Humanity’s strength therefore is to be found not in attacking each other. It is to be found in exploring new ways to accept and celebrate our differences, in pioneering new ways to unite to tackle the real cause of our problems, that is, the power that multinational corporations wield over national governments[iii]. The real protest, the real revolutionary solution is to be found in global grassroots democracy.

With regard to immigration, we hope that with fairer international trade laws and upgraded governance around the world, people will no longer be forced to leave the communities they love, to risk death by travelling the world to seek a better life just to earn wages to send home to their families. If Global People Power becomes a successful experiment, people can emigrate out of curiosity, out of choice, not out of desperation.

A planetary leap of confidence

Being a Pioneer is to take part in an adventure to see if we, humanity, can tackle global problems together. We do not know how this voyage will work out. We cannot make empty promises because the power will lie with you, not the founders of Global People Power. We just want to empower everybody to be able to take responsibility for their common future. The more of us there are, the more confident, ambitious and motivated we will all become.

Humans! Humans! Humans!


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“US set up – a government in Iraq after the 2003 invasion – (with the) Exclusion of Sunni by Shiites led to insurgents declaring a Sunni state (IS) in occupied territory in Iraq and Syria.”
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