Democratise Global Power

The key political issue of our age is how to overcome the power that transnational corporations, globally mobile elites and oligarchs hold over national governments.        

Under the threat of relocating to other more” business-friendly” nations, transnational corporations demand full spectrum privatisation, reduced public spending, corporate subsidies, lower rates of corporation tax, weaker employment and environmental protection rules and the suppression of trade unions. 

Playing the game of “international divide-and-rule,” they force nations into competition with each other and in doing so are driving a global race to destruction.

Mainstream media channels (usually transnational corporations) and vested interest elites warn voters against deviating from the fundamentalist neo-liberal, austerity-driven status-quo. They pronounce that to do so would be “counterproductive to national interests in a competitive world.“

Power has now moved permanently beyond the nation-state and so have the causes of problems impacting people’s daily lives. Our so-called “world-leaders” are merely pretending to be in control having ceded power to transnational corporations, often whilst inviting us to buy into a narrative of past nationalistic “greatness.”

As leaders aren’t leading on any innovative solutions, the democratic power-vacuum is being quickly filled by far-right demagogues, autocrats and oligarchs.

You can become a real world-leader by helping to democratise global power. By creating a democracy fit for the 21st century based on cooperation to regulate transnational corporations for the good of humanity and the planet – by taking responsibility to tackle the causes of planetary challenges, not by fighting the present reality, but by creating a new global system. A system which includes yet transcends national, regional and local systems of governance while also regaining their sovereignty.

Come and exercise your global power!

Global challenges which impact us all require global solutions which include us all. Together we can tackle the causes of problems which are bigger than any nation can tackle alone – war, religious militancy, forced migration, debt bubbles, market crashes, rising inequality, the power that transnational corporations hold over national governments, media bias, technological disruption, climate catastrophe and mass extinction.

The means, technology and corresponding global policies to tackle the causes of these issues already exist. You can make them happen. In doing so you can reclaim your democratic sovereignty in a globalised world by becoming a participating World-Citizen.

As ambitious in scope as global threats are to our survival

For the benefit of humanity as a whole and the living planet, global policies can be suggested, debated and voted on by you, by everyone. Existing global agreements set behind closed doors by and for the benefit the few will be rendered obsolete.

But don’t worry, just like politicians, you don’t need to be an expert on any issue. You can vote directly on proposals you care passionately about or you can delegate your votes to people you trust on specific issues. It’s called Liquid Democracy.

As the global democratic movement grows, World-Citizen’s Global Proposals* will develop swiftly into a global manifesto. A coherent set of bold, ambitious, legally binding policies with legitimacy over those created in secret.

*World-Citizen’s Global Policies will remain provisional until a majority of nations or all nations have, through referendums, agreed to participate in the global democratic process to implement the manifesto.

In the meantime, political parties which become part of the movement will have a greater chance of winning national elections. They will be evidencing that they have systemic, networked, global solutions to systemic, networked, global problems impacting voter’s daily lives. At election time, we will instruct World-Citizens to vote for politicians who have signed our Accountability Contract to cooperate globally. 

Just as governments always manage to summon the willpower to re-mechanise and re-finance overnight in preparation for war, we can propel them to act together and with the same vigour, but this time for peace, justice, equality, sustainability and prosperity. 

Demos = people. Kratos = power

Global People Power is about becoming part of a movement celebrating our common humanity and taking action to pull the world together to implement World-Citizens’ Global Policies. We’ll be out demonstrating on the streets, recruiting World-Citizens and showing our communities how to use the Sovereign app. 

To counteract thousands of years of male-dominated hierarchical power structures, we’ll go to where people are living on the front-line of global problems to ensure that those with the least access to power get to be first to propose what they think the world could and should agree to act on together.       

You are already a citizen of the world.

Come and exercise your global power!