Real Global Democracy Demonstration – Uniting and empowering anti-austerity, pro-democracy movements through co-creating global policy.

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Please join us:  Parliament Square (grass), London, Saturday 24th October. 1-6pm.

Promoted by the new Global People Power campaign, the demonstration is being held in solidarity with twenty five events taking place across six continents as part of the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament. The London demo has evolved to become a call for global unity among progressive anti-austerity, pro-democracy, environmental movements around the world by encouraging its’ supporters to co-create global policy. Demonstrators also will be invited to recognise and celebrate their common humanity in the face of a perfect storm of global problems.

3270756The purpose of the day is highly ambitious; to debate, vote and find consensus on five provisional global policies to tackle global problems – problems such as climate change, mass extinction, war, gender inequity, debt-based economics and the divisive power that multi-national corporations hold over national governments.
Decisions will be shared among the twenty five other actions through social media. The process is beginning now on Global People Power’s e-democracy platform on Loomio (link below).

2981955Barnaby Flynn (Global People Power). “Global unity and international cooperation is needed to tackle global issues and to regulate multinational corporations. By acting together we dismantle threats to each nations’ economic security made by multi-national corporations faced with regulation – thus making anti-austerity political parties more electable among mainstream voters.”

Laura Baker (Global People Power). “Let’s connect and empower progressive anti-austerity, pro-democracy movements around the world such as Podemos, Syriza, and supporters of Corbyn and Sanders through creating global policytogether to solve war, poverty and environmental destruction.”
Speakers so far:

  • Barnaby Flynn (Global People Power). “How multinational corporations hold nations to ransom.”
  • Natalie Bennett (Green Party Leader). “TPP, TTIP and why global governance should be democratised.”
  • Marina Prentoulis (Syriza London). “Global unity for systemic solutions to systemic problems.”
  • Luke Flegg (Change the Future). “The e-Democracy Revolution.”
  • Prisca Merz (End Ecocide). Proposal: End Ecocide.
  • Stan Jourdan (Positive Money) Proposal: International Monetary Reform.
  • 50-50 Parliament. Proposal: 50-50 Gender Equity Global Declaration
  • Global People Power: Proposal: A World Without War
  • Global People Power: Proposal: Climate Fair Shares

Why we need global cooperation and how multinational corporations hold nations to ransom:
Global People Power:
Global Week of Action for a World Parliament:
Global People Power’s Loomio group:

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