Protect the world you love. Exercise your global democratic…


Many Minds


Create global rules
without global rulers

One Action

one-action_200x200newReclaim the power
through global cooperation

One Heart

one-heart-200x200newShare your needs and
values with the world

Many Beats

many_beats_200x200newCelebrate our common humanity on the streets

Many Minds: Using Democracy Earth’s blockchained app ‘Sovereign’ to tackle global challenges ensuring that everyone can suggest, debate, vote or delegate votes on global policies. Making decentralized decisions on economic, social, peace and environmental policies to be implemented cooperatively by governments.

One Action: Hosting street demos for global cooperation and showing people how to sign up as World Citizens. Coordinating a network of community groups across the world prioritising votes for politicians who become active members of our movement.

One Heart: Cultivating a sense of our common humanity as we tackle global challenges together. Sharing, acknowledging and honouring each other’s needs, values and loyalties in order to facilitate collaborative debate and resilience.

Many Beats: Using music to create a sense of collective empowerment and an atmosphere of humanity working together. Sharing music that calls for a better world and to make that world a reality. Holding global cooperation street parties linking communities around the world and partying for a purpose.

How nations are held to ransom by the few who gain the most from pitting nation against nation

One Mind

Don’t question. Consume! Global polices will be set behind closed doors.


Many Actions

Gain power and influence by sowing fear, division and maintaining scarcity.


Many Hearts

Other people, nationalities and cultures are the problem, not the system.


One Beat

Listen repeatedly to anthems which reinforce your sense of superiority.