Claim your Earth Citizenship.
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Many Minds


Create global rules
without global rulers

One Action


Demonstrate and vote
for global cooperation


One Heart

one-heart-200x200new Local to global
community and connection

Many Beats

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Humans! Humans! Humans!

Earth Citizens are united in tackling the systemic root-cause of planetary problems threatening all life on earth, ‘International Divide-and-Rule’. We are funding Earth Citizens’ Assemblies to create global policies to solve global challenges. We are taking action to drive all nations to implement Earth Citizens' global policies in a cooperative, synchronised way.

We are claiming our Earth citizenship alongside our national citizenship because we, humanity, have a dual responsibility. Tackling problems at home means taking care of the whole world too. We are taking global responsibility because those who are meant to be, aren't.  

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Democratise Global Power

Today’s devastating global challenges - pandemics, economic meltdown, climate breakdown, mass extinction, war, inequality, forced migration, etc. call for immediate global solutions. The world’s poorest nations are being hit the hardest, whilst wealth inequality has reached feudal proportions.

Just as towns can’t solve the causes of national problems, nations can’t tackle the causes of global problems unless they, or rather, we, all work together globally. But nations aren’t cooperating. They are focused on competing with each other, and in doing so are fuelling a geopolitical race to planetary destruction.

To make matters worse, competition between nations is not only emergent, it is weaponized. The Machiavellian systemisation of divide-and-rule (14th - 15th century) is now implemented on an international scale. Give it a name. ‘International Divide-and-Rule’.

How International Divide-and-Rule works:

Insidious: All nations are held to ransom by multinational corporations and globally mobile plutocrats - fossil fuel, media, weapons, banking etc. Under the threat of relocating to other more “business-friendly” nations, they demand subsidisation, lower corporation tax, weaker employment and environmental protection rules. They demand fewer regulations.

With our so-called “world-leaders” merely pretending to be in control, having given power and responsibility away to entities that work beyond national borders, they have created a democratic power vacuum.

Overt: This vacuum is being swiftly filled by far-right oligarchs, demagogues and autocrats. Their strategy is to scapegoat other nations, cultures and ethnicities for being the cause of problems that they themselves exacerbate. By sowing the seeds of chaos and shock they too increase their power over national governments, swell their profits in offshore tax-havens all whilst inviting us to buy into a narrative of past nationalistic “greatness.” Their mission is global unity but through connecting border walls of ignorance, fear and hate.

Together we can break down the walls that divide us. We can gain our local, national and global democratic sovereignty in a globalised world. We can decommission oppressive systems that are patriarchal, feudalistic, white-supremacist and colonialist by "creating new systems that are liberatory". (Mary Ann Clements)


Mainstream evolutionary psychologists state that cooperation, empathy and a strong sense of fairness were the key ingredients which led to the evolutionary success of our species. For the vast majority of us these remain our most dominant values.

Systems science maintains that everyone and everything is not separate, but interconnected and interdependentAll life exists as interrelated systems with varying degrees of complexity.

So we, human beings are bizarre super-cooperators living in an interconnected world, despite what we are led to believe by the few who profiteer from division.

Global People Power wants to enable humanity to live how most of us really want to live – with kindness, care and empathy. Not only extending this regard to ourselves, our families, communities, nations and with those whom we identify with culturally, but for the whole of humanity and for the natural world.

Through the act of claiming our Earth Citizenship, we are triggering the evolution of systems thinking for systems change.

Try out our Systemoji Thinking Tool to help you communicate and act systemically in an interconnected world.

Or, as planetary problems bite harder, we can keep giving power away to authoritarian regimes who are uniting globally, and continue our march towards a...

How nations are held to ransom by the few who gain the most from pitting nation against nation

One Mind

Don’t question. Consume! Global rules will be set behind closed doors.


Many Actions

Gain power and influence by sowing fear, division and maintaining scarcity.


Many Hearts

Other people, nationalities and cultures are the problem, not the system.


One Beat

Listen repeatedly to anthems which reinforce your sense of superiority.