Unite globally for peace, justice, sustainability and shared prosperity


Many Minds


Create global rules
without global rulers

One Action


Pause for Peace daily
to o
verthrow oligarchy


One Heart

one-heart-200x200new Local to global
community and connection

Many Beats

many_beats_200x200newCelebrate our common humanity on the streets


We, humanity are leaning over a precipice of nuclear, ecological, and economic annihilation. The root cause of these interrelated threats is the corrupting, divisive, and dictatorial power that oligarchs (arms, oil, banks, media, etc) exert over national governments, political parties, and our lives. 

Instead of taking responsibility to tackle global threats, nations focus their resources on competing with each other in a geopolitical race to destruction. This competition between nations is weaponised to maintain existing oligarchic power structures in classic divide et impera style. We call this phenomenon International Divide-and-Rule (IDR). 

Global People Power’s vision is for ‘Earth Citizens’ to assume democratic power and responsibility as a diverse human family united in tackling this systemic root cause of threats to all life on earth.

We seek to establish Citizens’ Assemblies that create rules without rulers; policies to solve interrelated global challenges and in doing so decommission IDR and overthrow oligarchy.

Among other tactics, we use Non-Violent Direct Action to drive all nations to empower national citizens to vote on the implementation of those policies via 'preferenda' (non-binary, non-divisive referenda). Policies will be split into two categories, those that can be implemented immediately and unilaterally by nations, and policies which require global cooperative implementation.

We are claiming our Earth Citizenship alongside our national citizenship because we, humanity, have a dual responsibility. Tackling problems at home means taking care of the whole world too. We are taking global responsibility because those who are meant to be, aren't.

Together we can overcome systems that are dividing and killing us by creating new systems that enable us to unite and thrive.  

NOTE: “Earth” in Earth Citizenship is about connection to physical place, community, home. It’s about belonging, whilst simultaneously belonging to the whole living planet. It is not associated with any notion of global government or global jurisdiction. We oppose such initiatives.

Or, as planetary problems bite harder, we can keep giving power away to authoritarian regimes who are uniting globally, and continue our march towards a...

How nations are held to ransom by the few who gain the most from pitting nation against nation

One Mind

Don’t question. Consume! Global rules will be set behind closed doors.


Many Actions

Gain power and influence by sowing fear, division and maintaining scarcity.


Many Hearts

Other people, nationalities and cultures are the problem, not the system.


One Beat

Listen repeatedly to anthems which reinforce your sense of superiority.