Unite globally for peace, justice, sustainability and shared prosperity


Many Minds


Create global rules
without global rulers

One Action


Pause for Peace daily
to o
verthrow oligarchy


One Heart

one-heart-200x200new Local to global
community and connection

Many Beats

many_beats_200x200newCelebrate our common humanity on the streets

Pause for Peace Daily

This is for the worldwide moral majority. Nurses. Cooks. Teachers. All of us just struggling to get by. We're going to take back control (and reclaim that slogan). We're going to #OverthrowOligarchy - the globally mobile billionaires of oil, media, banking, weaponry and, in their variety of divisive guises, their political lackeys. In the face of genocide, ecocide, and obscene inequality, we're going to reclaim democratic sovereignty, through Citizens’ Assemblies creating rules without rulers for peace, justice, sustainability, and shared prosperity. 

11 am. Local time. Globally. 

Outside your home. At work. In school. Festivals. The Olympics. Humanity. All of us. Well, nearly. For two potent minutes. Stand in silent solemnity. As we begin to sense our collective power, with safety and strength in numbers, we’ll escalate our action in scope and intensity. 

So please, join us, you beauties. Join me. You are far more powerful than you realise. You are the remedy.


“Predictability is as ineffective on the streets as it is on the battlefield.” Dr. Erica Chenoweth: “Why Civil Resistance Works.”



  1. Global ceasefire NOW (Hostages released by Hamas and Israel)
  2. Citizens’ Peace Assemblies (CPAs) bypassing corrupt high-level "peace talks." Without conflict, "world leaders" and authoritarians become irrelevant.
  3. National Preferenda votes on CPA’s Peace Proposals

Pause for Peace details, instructions, FAQ and printable flyer.

Far-right fascists and authoritarians are gaining power and uniting globally standing in direct opposition to Global People Power, freedom, and democracy. We know you're busy, especially at 11 in the morning (that's the point), so consider your Pause for Peace a momentary strike, a toes-to-head watching and listening mindfulness practice undertaken defiantly. Miss the odd day? Don't feel guilty. A bit late? Do it anyway! Not sure about the whole thing? Next time you're binge-watching the latest dystopian future fantasy series, consider how together we can become real-world heroes by summoning up the courage to take simple, safe (although initially slightly socially awkward) action to prevent this unfolding nightmare, known as a Global Empire, from becoming a reality. So, set your alarm for 10.55 am. Get your placard in hand. Get in a good position of high visibility. Know that you're not alone. Acknowledge or imagine each others' lovely serene faces as we undertake our calling of callings, uniting to save them, the bombed, the starved and the anesthetic-free child amputees, our progeny and ourselves from the specter of WW3. For now, it's just two minutes, until we ramp up the non-compliancy (just not prematurely). So, what have you got to lose? Come on! Show the love. Signal the integrity. Let's Overthrow Oligarchy!

How nations are held to ransom by the few who gain the most from pitting nation against nation

One Mind

Don’t question. Consume! Global rules will be set behind closed doors.


Many Actions

Gain power and influence by sowing fear, division and maintaining scarcity.


Many Hearts

Other people, nationalities and cultures are the problem, not the system.


One Beat

Listen repeatedly to anthems which reinforce your sense of superiority.