Politician Pioneer’s Accountability Agreement

 Global People Power “Pioneers” around the world are crowd-sourcing global economic, trade, social, peace and environmental agreements and are pulling nations together to act on them. Becoming a Pioneer is open to everyone.

As a candidate for, or Member of the Parliament/Assembly, I agree that if I am elected, I will vote for Global People Power’s range of Global Policies* to be acted on when a sufficient number of nations have also agreed to act on them for the whole process to become the most functional and democratic form of global governance (here forth the “Global People Power Accountability Agreement”). I will also:

  • Encourage members of my party to make the Global People Power Accountability Agreement party policy.
  • Uphold Global People Power’s Constitution**.

*Global Policies will remain provisional until sufficient nations (via national referendum) have agreed to cooperate to act on them.

**I understand that Global People Power’s Global Policies and Constitution are a work in progress and therefore that my agreement is provisional.

I hereby hold myself accountable to tackle the cause of global problems through global cooperation and to implement Global People Power’s Global Policies alongside other governments. If I cancel my agreement I will inform Global People Power and those I seek to represent.

I am signing Global People Power’s Accountability Agreement as an individual, not on behalf of my party.

Open statement in support of Global People Power:

Name (in block capitals):

Constituency Party


Telephone number: Email:

Date: I agree with the above:

Note: Your contact details will be held by Global People Power alone and will not be published or given to any third party.

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