Many Minds

Many Minds - Global People PowerStart your Global People Power experience by joining our group on the revolutionary Represent e-democracy platform. See instructions below. 

Global policies voted forward will be implemented by governments around the world in a cooperative way. See What is Many Minds for more information. Here is an exciting list of potential global policies.  

Take these three actions now:

  1. (3 mins) Use the Represent e-democracy link below> Sign up> Go to Groups> Join the Global People Power group> Start voting on global policy questions.
  2. (15 mins) Propose a global policy> or better still ask your most respected, well-followed role-model, activist or politician (preferably female, or identifies as female) to propose a global policy. Use this invitation letter.
  3. (5 mins) Create a One Heart Profile  and become a Global People Power Pioneer to help make online debate more collaborative and less adversarial, less ‘us and them.’