What is Global People Power? (read more)

A brief overview of what we want to achieve and how. How we are ensuring women will have an equal say on the world stage. Exploring global life today. How to direct our anger. How swiftly can we make Global People Power happen?

Why? (read more)

Nations are working against each other when the very thing we need them to do is to work together. Why are they competing to follow the most fundamentalist neo-liberal, pro-corporate, austerity agenda? How are the alternatives suppressed? How does this divide-and-rule situation benefit the few? Is extreme power a rationalising force or not? Sharing power and responsibility.

Planetary Experience (read more)

Why do we give power away so easily to those that want it? What circumstances enable hard-right politics to gain support? Why do we blame the least fortunate, the least privileged in the world for our problems and not look for the systemic root-cause instead? How do we tackle the causes of mass migration and mass exodus? Let’s empower everybody to be able to take responsibility for their common future.

Constitution (read more)

What sort of management structure do we have? Would you like to help design our constitution? A bit of constitutional direction by Barnaby Flynn, Global People Power’s founder. What sort of world might we not want to live in? Global Empire or Global People Power? What do we mean by global awakening, honouring and including all needs and world-views and learning from our collective mistakes? Are we revolutionary or just reformers? Why do new ideas challenge us?

Who? (read more)

Who founded and who helps build Global People Power.