To protect what you love, take global democratic control

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Many Minds


Create global rules
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One Action

one-action_200x200newReclaim the power
through global cooperation

One Heart

one-heart-200x200newShare your needs and
values with the world

Many Beats

many_beats_200x200newCelebrate your globalness
on the people’s playlist

Crowd sourcing a global manifesto. (The World Transformed festival.) Episode 1.

Let’s unite globally to counteract the might of the neo-liberal, hard-right world order and their “shock doctrine” crisis plan to stamp-out growing support for progressive, anti-austerity, environmental and pro-peace political movements in nations around the world.

Through our unity we will win power nationally and forge a global democratic revolution. Help kick-start this process by having your say on a set of core global justice agreements, a #GlobalManifesto.

Start by joining our Represent e-democracy platform then invite your favourite female activist or politician to propose a global policy for the whole world to debate and vote on.

Many Minds: Using revolutionary e-democracy to bring people together to find solutions to global problems, problems that are bigger than any nation can tackle alone. Crowd-sourcing legally binding global economic, social, peace and environmental agreements through collaborative debate.

One Action: Taking to the streets for global cooperation. Pulling nations together to implement the global agreements alongside one another. Voters informing all politicians (unless they promote hate) that they will only receive their vote if they sign-up to cooperate globally.

One Heart: Cultivating a sense of our common humanity as we tackle global problems together. Sharing, acknowledging and honouring each other’s needs, values and loyalties. Celebrating our unity and both our uniqueness and diversity.

Many Beats: Using music to create a sense of unity, empowerment and an atmosphere of humanity working together. Holding global cooperation street parties in every community, to party for a purpose, to follow the music that calls for a better world and to make that world a reality.


We must unite globally to take the power back. Far-right politics is on the rise again and the world is burning. Those of us who consider ourselves to be people of the world who want the best, not only for ourselves, our families, communities and nations but who want the best for people in every nation, we must unite. Our unity must be inclusive and not shaming. We must not shut down people who we regard as having less inclusive, less progressive values.

Through our global unity we can win back the hearts and minds of the world’s most disempowered communities, those hit hardest by decades of globalised neoliberalism, those ravaged by war and those tempted by simplistic, scapegoating solutions of the far-right, the false prophets and the extremists. We can win them back in the only way hearts and minds can truly be won, by setting an example. This surely is what this era is all about, finding our common humanity in the face of a perfect storm of global problems, celebrating our differences and working together with positivity and love?

good-governance_1What global governance looks like today: